Our Why? (Purpose)

Believing in Worthing

We believe in our town and local community and we want to invest in it in every way we can, playing our part in making it a great place to be. Believing in God inspires our believing in Worthing. 

Our What? (Vision)

Over the next five years April 2019 - April 2024 we want to reach to increasingly be...


An inspiring church - The church is the people and we are called to serve God 24 hours, a day, 7 days a week. To be effective we must have white hot faith - on fire in our experience of God. We gather in groups and on a Sunday for inspiring worship and effective equipping that renews our vision to serve and proclaim Jesus. 


A catalyst in the community - We want to further develop our work as a community hub developing our groups where local people find community, support and encouragement in the ups and downs of life. We want to support this work by building a large community meeting and café space between our church and hall opening up the site to provide a vibrant, 7 day a week, centre for our work with young and old.


A hub for the young - Mission to youth, and those in their 20s and 30s, is a particular target for us. We have a full-time youth missioner and we partner with a number of local schools and we plan to invest further in developing this work. 

 Our How? (Values)

Depend on our Father 

Everything we do needs to be guided by prayer that we may learn to live wisely, seek justice and treat our planet with respect.

Share Jesus' love 

We read God's inspired word that Jesus may be the centre of our life together. Jesus is the hope for our town, nation and world. 

Know the Spirit's presence 

As we worship together, we are transformed by the Holy Spirit and propelled out to humbly serve our needy world.


Words that are important to us...



We are a mixed bunch: singles and married, young and old, babies, children and youth too. Some of us are local people whilst others have come from across the world. We are a real church family where everyone and anyone can belong. 


One of the things that we have in common is that we all get things wrong. Whether or not you think your life is sorted out, we know that we all need God's help and each other's acceptance and love.


We are all 'work in progress', but we are committed to grow and serve, discover our gifts and offer our lives as we grasp ever more deeply what it means to be chosen by God.